THERAMetrics holding AG announces today an agreement to sell its Italian CSS subsidiary

06 June 2016

THERAMetrics  holding  AG  (“THERAMetrics”  or  “the  Company”)  announces  today  that  it  has  entered   into  a  share  purchase  agreement  for  the  sale  of  THERAMetrics  Clinical  Supply  Services  s.r.l.  (“CSS   Italy”),  its  Italian  IMP  manufacturing  and  logistics  subsidiary,  to  its  shareholder  Fin  Posillipo  S.p.A.     The  sale  of  CSS  Italy  occurs  in  connection  with  the  sale  of  the  Company’s  CRO  subsidiaries  in  Italy,   Germany  and  Romania  (the  “CRO  Subsidiaries”)  to  Accelovance  Inc.  that  was  announced  on  25  May   2016.  CSS  Italy  is  being  sold  for  a  cash  consideration  that  the  Company  will  use  to  provide  additional   capitalization  to  the  CRO  Subsidiaries,  a  condition  precedent  for  the  consummation  of  the  sale  of  the   CRO  Subsidiaries  to  Accelovance  Inc.     The  sale  of  CSS  Italy  is  yet  another  major  step  towards  the  divestiture  of  the  Company’s  CRO   activities  that  was  announced  at  the  end  of  2015  and  towards  the  re-­positioning  of  the  Company  as  a   drug  development  company  focusing  on  clinical  stage  projects.  The  next  important  step  for  the   Company’s  re-­positioning  will  be  the  business  combination  with  Relief  Therapeutics  SA,  which  was   approved  by  the  Company’s  shareholders  at  the  recent  annual  shareholders  meeting.

About  THERAMetrics  holding  AG    

Therametrics  holding  AG  is  a  clinical  stage  biotechnology  company  with  a  portfolio  of  drug  candidates   focusing  on  clinical  stage  projects  of  natural  human  origins.    The  company  is  listed  on  the  SIX  Swiss   Exchange  under  the  symbol  TMX  and  is  headquartered  in  Stans,  Switzerland.

About  Relief  Therapeutics  SA  

Relief  is  a  clinical  stage  biotechnology  company  incorporated  in  May  2013  by  three  former  employees   of  Merck  KGaA.  The  company  will  develop  innovative  treatments  to  address  high  unmet  medical   needs.  Its  most  advanced  program  aims  at  providing  a  cure  for  the  affections  associated  with   degeneration  of  the  peripheral  nervous  system  (neuropathy).

Investor relations contact:

Dr.  Raghuram  Selvaraju

+41  44  723  59  59

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