RELIEF THERAPEUTICS Holding SA announces a Letter of Intent with ENTEROSYS SAS for the co-development of atexakin alfa towards novel indications

23 April 2019

RELIEF THERAPEUTICS Holding SA announces the signature of a Letter of Intent (“LoI” or the “Agreement”) with the French company ENTEROSYS SAS (“ENTEROSYS”), for the co-development of atexakin alfa in metabolic disorders

Geneva, Switzerland, 23th April 2019

RELIEF THERAPEUTICS Holding SA (“Relief”, “the Company”) is pleased to announce that an  agreement has been established with ENTEROSYS, a French privately-held start-up company specialized in studying the gut-brain axis, for the co-development of atexakin alfa (“atexakin”) in metabolic disorders including obesity, pre-diabetes and diabetes.

This Agreement is based on recent data obtained by ENTEROSYS that led to a new patent application on the effects of atexakin on the regulation of glucose homeostasis. These beneficial effects demonstrated in preclinical species warrant direct progression into further development.

Under the terms of the LoI, Relief and ENTEROSYS will closely collaborate to position the project in the best way to achieve clinical validation of this innovative approach to treat metabolic pathologies. The financial terms of the LoI were not disclosed.

This strategic opportunity supports the current development of atexakin in peripheral neuropathies, where the effect on glucose homeostasis may favour the neurorestorative properties of atexakin.

Relief is a clinical stage company with currently two Medicinal Product Candidates (MPCs) as priority development programs. Gael Hedou, CEO of Relief comments: “This LoI allows to expand atexakin’s therapeutic indications as well as its life-cycle management. We have been highly impressed by the data generated by ENTEROSYS that convey a potentially disruptive approach for the control of metabolic disorders. We look forward to engage in our collaboration with the aim to accelerate this clinical development.”

Maxime Fontanié, CEO of ENTEROSYS: “The modulation of Gut/Brain axis is an innovating therapeutic strategy to address metabolic diseases and its comorbidities. We have obtained robust and promising results with atexakin on glucose homeostasis. For ENTEROSYS, this LoI is a great opportunity to accelerate its development and reinforces its attractivity. We are proud to begin the collaboration with Relief Therapeutics”.


RELIEF THERAPEUTICS Holding SA is a clinical stage biotechnology company with a portfolio of drug candidates derived from natural human origins. Its two most promising drug candidates are aviptadil for the treatment of sarcoidosis (to enter Phase III) and low dose interleukin-6 (atexakin alfa) for the treatment of peripheral diabetic neuropathy (to enter Phase II). Aviptadil development in sarcoidosis focuses the drug on an orphan disease market, in which European regulators have indicated that a single pivotal Phase III trial would be sufficient to support approval. Atexakin is the subject of an exclusive worldwide development and commercialization agreement with Merck KGaA, and has been the subject of multiple clinical trials. Based on its unique mechanism of action, atexakin could become the first regenerative therapeutic for peripheral neuropathy. The peripheral diabetic neuropathy market is estimated to reach $4.1 billion in 2019, according to Datamonitor.

RELIEF THERAPEUTICS Holding SA is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange under the symbol RLF and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

For further information, please visit the Relief website at  or contact investor relations.

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ENTEROSYS is a biotech company  incorporated in June 2017. It focuses its activities on the field of metabolic disease and their co-morbidities. ENTEROSYS addresses a growing market with unmet needs using a low risk strategy with molecules targeting the Enteric Nervous System for the treatment of metabolic diseases by modulating the gut-brain axis.

This novel physiological concept avoids the systemic deleterious impact of competition drugs. ENTEROSYS also reduces the risk to market by thoroughly identifying the mode of action and pharmacological profiles of hit targets and molecules in tailored animal models and state of the art phenotyping procedures.


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