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DRR2.0 is Relief Therapeutics’  hypothesis generating software tool for drug repurposing and repositioning, based on syntactic parsing and semantic analysis of biomedical literature and on mathematical analysis of the resulting knowledge representation.

DRR2.0 is able to suggest the possible mechanism of action of a drug in relation to a disease, to rank which drugs offer the best treatment options for a given disease and to rank which diseases are best tackled by a given drug.

DRR2.0 is a versatile tool that can be used also for ranking and analyzing the best targets for a given drug or a given pathology and to detect biomarkers for diseases.

DRR2.0 is currently based on the +24 million publications available on PubMed and manages information on 4’900 drugs, 9’400 diseases, 13’000 genes and 2’000 relevant biomedical entities.

It is constantly updated with the ever-growing literature dataset which can be integrated – under CDA – with Customers’ proprietary, unpublished data, R&D studies and customized dictionary of biomedical entities in order to generate unique, private, tailor-made hypotheses!