Relief Therapeutics

Supporting patients through science and innovation

How it works

A DRR2.0 elaboration is composed of two distinct steps: the Search and the Match.


  • DRR2.0 accesses privileged qualified data sources for collecting the knowledge on drugs and diseases.
  • Proprietary data may be fed into the system.
  • DRR2.0 detects relevant information in the sources and builds a network knowledge representation of biomedical entities.


  • DRR2.0 links the gathered information on drugs, physiological pathways and resulting biological activities with the pathophysiological signs & symptoms of diseases, producing a Match.
  • Then it ranks the Matches in order to identify the most promising leads.

DRR2.0 runs stochastics processes on its biomedical network to identify unexlored and  non-obvious correlations between concepts.

DRR2.0 is highly flexible, as its input can start from a disease, a target, or a drug, and follow different paths (e.g. from biomarker/target to the compound,
from receptor to molecules).