Relief Therapeutics

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Board of Directors

RAGHURAM (RAM) SELVARAJU - Chairman of the Board

Dr. Raghuram Selvaraju born in 1978, a Swiss Citizen, also known as Ram, Ph.D., MBA is a Managing Director and Senior Healthcare Analyst in Rodman & Renshaw’s Equity Research Division. Dr. Selvaraju rejoined the firm. Earlier, he started his sell-side research analyst career with the firm in 2005. Prior to rejoining, he was a Managing Director and Senior Healthcare Analyst at MLV & Co LLC, Research Division. Prior to this, Dr. Selvaraju served as Managing Director and Head of Healthcare Equity Research at Aegis Capital Corporation, Research Division since March 2012. Before that, he served as a Senior Vice President in Equity Research and Senior Biotechnology Analyst at Morgan Joseph TriArtisan LLC, Research Division since May 2011. From 2010 to March 2011, Dr. Selvaraju served as a Senior Equity Research Analyst covering the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals sectors at Noble Financial Group, Inc., Research Division. From 2009 to 2010, he served as the Senior Vice President and Head of Healthcare Equity Research at Hapoalim Securities USA, Inc., Research Division, covering biotechnology, specialty pharmaceuticals, molecular analytics, and diagnostics. Prior to research, he started his career at the Serono Pharmaceutical Research Institute in 2000. Dr. Selvaraju served as a Technician and Pharmaceutical Researcher at the firm until 2004. Dr. Selvaraju is widely quoted in national publications such as Barron’s and The Wall Street Journal, as well as healthcare industry publications such as The Pink Sheet, BioWorld Today, and BioCentury, and has appeared numerous times on Bloomberg, CNBC, Business News Network and BTV to comment on drug development trends, healthcare reform policy, and pharma and biotech M&A. While at Serono Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Dr. Selvaraju became the youngest-ever recipient of the Serono Pharmaceutical Research Institute’s Inventorship Award for exceptional innovation and creativity in 2003. Dr. Selvaraju graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and Technical Writing from Carnegie Mellon University, a Ph.D. in Cellular Immunology and Molecular Neuroscience in 2004, a Master’s of Science in Molecular Biology from the University of Geneva in Switzerland in 2001 on the basis of his drug development research, and an M.B.A. from Cornell University’s accelerated one-year program for scientists and engineers in 2005.


Dr Michel Dreano, born in 1957, is a French citizen. He got a PhD in Molecular Virology at the Institut Pasteur/University Paris VII and a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Burgundi (France). He joined the Battelle Memorial Institute in Geneva in 1983 where he headed a group involved in the production of recombinant proteins. He moved to Serono International SA in 1989 where he operated as a drug developer and then as a project/alliance manager. In this context, he managed many strategic collaborations and partnerships with academic institutions, research contract organizations, biotechs or large pharmaceutical organizations. In 2007 after the acquisition of Serono International SA by Merck KGaA, Dr Michel Dreano pursued the management of international research projects and integrated the business development department. In 2012, Dr Michel Dreano created an independent consulting company specialized in the management of multidiplinary and cross-national R&D projects. He also participated in the creation of a not-for-profit Foundation, ReMedys, where he serves as an executive member of the Board of Directors. Finally, Dr Michel Dreano is one of the three founders of Relief Therapeutics SA. In the later company he was an active managing partner and operated as Chairman/President.


Peter Egon de Svastich, an US citizen born in 1944, graduated in 1965 with a degree in Business Administration from Princeton University and subsequently obtained a LLB/ JD from The Yale Law School and a LATF from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in 1969. He is a Managing General Partner of Global Emerging Markets Limited. He interfaces with GEM in matters related to fund-raising, private placement opportunities, and investor relations. He has been Principal Executive Officer, President, Principal Financial Officer, Treasurer and Secretary at Global Group Enterprises Corp. since April 26, 2013. Further he has been the President of WH Management Inc., since 1985. Since September 2012, Mr. de Svastich has been a Managing Director of GEM Group, head of Latin America/Southern Europe/Administration. He has been the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Compliance Officer for a number of hedge funds and funds of funds. From January 2009 to March 2010, Mr. de Svastich was a self-employed consultant; from June 2007 to December 2009, Mr. de Svastich was a Registered Representative at Partner Capital Group, LLC; and from April 2005 to November 2008, Mr. de Svastich served as a Partner, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of Alpha Equity Management, L.P. Mr. de Svastich served as Vice President at General American Investors Company since January 2005. He joined General American Investors in November 2004, has spent his entire business career in the investment management and financial services industry since joining a fund management and investment services firm located in Madrid, Spain, in 1970. He served as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Compliance Officer at Alpha Equity Management LLC. He helped sell a 25% equity stake to SunTrust Bank N.A. Previously, he served as Partner and Chief Financial Officer of Decision Capital LLC from 2002 to 2004 and of Hawkins McEntee LLC from 2000 to 2001. He worked as an investment banker involved in Brazil. He served as President of Delegated Management S.A. He founded and ran WestHem International Group for 15 years. He ran the International Division of one of Brazil’s five banks in the 1980’s and spearheaded its international expansion. He has formed joint-ventures in banking and alternative investments with N.M. Rothschild & Sons, Banco Internacional y de Comercio Exterior, Banque Francaise de Commerce Exterieur (BFCE), and BNP. He has been a Director of WH Management Inc., since 1985 and Global Group Enterprises Corp. since April 26, 2013. He has a Latin American Teaching Fellowship from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.